Only in New Orleans : )

Little fun and music and food in the French Market…

General Honore just scared me…

Is the water coming?

There is just something so SATISFYING

about listening to the Dead Kennedy’s REALLY REALLY LOUD. Always reminds me of my good friend Thomas Gable.. Ahh.. the trouble we used to get into… HAHAHA…

A little NOLA fun

SWEET.. the ticket gods have shined their light on me.

I just got tickets for the RailRoad Revival with OCMS, Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros… NICE way to start off Fess..

Athens, GA! Oh Yeah..

Great to see Josh, run around campus ( Thanks to David Barbe ) I wish that I could have spent more time there!

Woo Hoo.. New disc is now on Amazon.. that was FAST! Thanks CD Baby..

Mumford and Sons

I KNOW I KNOW.. they have been a round for a while but I just got their Sigh No More disc and I am totally digging it! Uber pretentious. It makes me wish that I was a pasty faced skinny englishman wearing my heart on my sleeve : )

I guess better late to the party than not showing up at all!

Da Dirty Birds.. Da Dirty Birds..

Nailbiter of a game but hey.. can I get a WHO DAT??


oh yeah.. very very nice to have a white christmas!

Athens, GA

Hanging in downtown Athens for an hour or two before I head out to Atlanta.. What great memories of hanging on the square with Blair, Monte, Charles, Eric, Ward, Murray, Gina Phi, Kayron, Tendai, Shari, Stacey Bauman, Kathy, Rod, etc etc.. lots of lazy days without distractions, playing music, avoiding trouble and beautiful hippie girls.. good times! Thanks for the memories Athens

Friendly gig reminder

Just arrived in NY yesterday afternoon. GORGEOUS day today, crisp air, bright blue skies, energy everywhere! Had a great rehearsal with Jon, Kev and Dan.. I think that this will be a good gig tomorrow night.

I hope that you guys can join us tomorrow

Friday November 12th


218 Bowery



The CDS are FINALLY HERE!! Woo Hoo